Scrypt / SHA256 autoswitch
Profit 7106
Diff < 6

switching every 2 min
Profit 7107
Diff > 14

switching every 2 min
Profit 7108
Diff > 4

switching every 2 min
Profit 7109
Diff > 0.15

switching every 2 min
Profit 4101
all coins

switching every 2 min
Profit 4102
Diff > 40000

switching every 2 min

Terms of Service

You, here after the user, by signing up and using any of the functionality of Hashnova agree with the terms of services below. Breaking the terms of service will remove your access to Hashnova.

Hashnova may modify the terms of service and its policies at any point any time. Such modifications takes affect immediately upon posting on the website. A notice will be shown on the welcome page and will be distributed through e-mail. The users continued use of Hashnova Multi Pool will deemed acceptance of the modificiations.

Rewards is distributed by PPS, Pay Per Share.

Hashnova fee is cut directly when the block is found (currently 2%), the user will get the remaining 98% splitted fairly along their workers.

Hashnova is not an e-wallet or an bank where you can store your currencies. Hashnova and it's operators is not responsible for any loss of currency which are stored in the pools wallets. It is the users own responsibility to configure the account so that the currencies are regulary transfered to your own secure wallets. It is the users own responsibility to make sure the correct reward address is entered for the corresponding currency. Payments will be held until a proper payment address is entered.

The uptime of Hashnova or the website is not guarantueed and downtime may be experienced at times of maintenance. The user is responsible to configure their miners to automatically reconnect, switch to other pools we offer or a backup pool of the users choice in case of downtime. You can see status of your favourite currency on the pools page. However, Hashnova Multi Pool has a goal to keep the site up at 99.9%, giving donations will help us reaching this goal.

Botnets are not welcome in any way, shape or form. Accounts that connects from more than 25 IP addresses may have their balances suspended until a proper explaination is recieved by the pool's operator, and furthermore can lead to account lockout. If you plan to mine from more than 25 IP addresses please contact us beforehand with the IP adresses you use to get your account whitelisted.

Multiple accounts controlled by one person may be considered as a botnet, look above how to avoid account lockout.

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